Thursday, July 31, 2008

Med Surg Clinicals Last Day! Wooot!

Our Clinical Group :)
Wow! after the short - long 12 weeks of battling with care plans, trying to review and getting back from a down fall with medsurg, formulating nursing diagnosis, goals, interventions , worrying bout this great exam that seems so unsormountable, and trying to overcome one's self with doubt and self intimidation, fear, and just endless worries! whoaa oww also on top of that a car crash, chest pain, and bothering sleep deprived nights . It has finally come to a halt! ooops i said halt and not to an end :) considering we still have a long way to go with nursing school and I don't even know what would be for me in the upcoming semester. Nonetheless im so glad that we enjoyed this semester amidst so much pressure and many difficulties. I really thank God for the blessings and letting me pass this semester and hopefully the upcoming semesters too! :)

Here are some photos i took today at JNMC with the our clinical group and us the "others" lolz

Here's a little snippet

Morning Conference

Group Pic

Picture Time

With the GI Suite Peeps

Another one

Head Ache :D peace hilary

Wendy!$%#@)(!! <--- Cristie
with the guys this time

Hallway Click

Another at the GI

and o yes we have a jumpshot too!

Ooops i just got the photos from Stephanie, I'll post them later.

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