Thursday, June 12, 2008

Starting with a Wreck

This may be one of the weirdest time to start up on this blog. Well its better to get on with this entry though it may not sound so good as a prologue. For now I probably not go and bore you of who I am and what I am in, or things that I did not achieve or stuffs that I am so proud about.

Just let me vent with a recent brake. Literally I had a brake hmmm actually no if I had stepped on those brakes a millisecond earlier then probably I would not be starting this blog.

Early this morning, I had the usual Thursday morning rush in preparing my paraphernalia and gears as I get ready to be back on my nursing clinical duty. Yes , I said to get back as I had 2 days off of myclinical duty last week due to flu. 2 days absent, no extension on duties nor any penalties :), of course no punishment for me for being sick! that would be like so ridiculous as my classmate missed two days and told the class that she went to Cancun!

Going back to my morning, I got to the highway and started driving to the hospital for my clinical duty. As I went off of the highway and about 2 blocks away from my final destination, suddenly crasshhhhhh.. Indeed I had a car accident and this is my first. I hit a sign post in the middle of the island of the road. A car cut in front of me and i was so desperate to steer the way away to not hit the car that i veered off to the left and there the big collision happened. Thankfully nobody was hurt, I did not hit another car nor hurt someone else. I did not feel anything at all at those moment. I was shaking and just could not comprehend what went wrong and the sight of my bumper and 2 tires blown was just a big mess. This baby is not even 2 months and got a big dent..actually wreck!

Police came and helped me through the traffic. After a little moment I remembered my clinical duty. I have been absent the past week and I could not afford to be absent another day so I immediately called my professor who by the way had the rule of "text only" but she said in emergency cases we could call her so I did. Told her my ordeal and she wished me well.
I filed my claim on my insurance on the phone and got it smoothly and very quick. By the way, I commend All State Insurance for that quick response. I asked the cops about the police report but they told me it was not on their jurisdiction so I had to wait the other cop to have my report. And again another score for my driving record together with the 2 speeding records, I sighed (ouch!). After a couple of minutes a lady pretty (lolz) cop came assessed my damage and lo and behold I did not receive a ticket! wooooot! Towing company called that they were on the way and so i waited again. It was at those waiting moments, that I actually I gave a thought of posting this ordeal to a blog and yes start one! Could be a thought of dying and not even posting a single word on "My Niche" drove me to have those thoughts.

I was alright at least for those immediate moments and as the car was being placed on the tow truck

the epinephrine was starting to wear off and I do have a back pain at this moment and also I feel some contusions all over my body. I had so much that things flashed in my head and I intend venting here but then as the epinephrine went off those thoughts were flushed too.

This episode, I conclude life indeed is just a fleeting moment and I could have my chance of not making it or just a way of saying I may had the chance of dying but God snatched me out of it.

Peeps, Drive safely :)

Till next visit ! drop by some of your 2 cents if you have .

ohhh Welcome to My Niche!