Friday, August 8, 2008

the number 8!


The number 8 i believe for some reason is kinda of a special number. I like the number 8 though i don't believe anything lucky or so extraordinary about it. But hmmm my birth month is the eighth and the day is 2 x8 the year also got an 8 on it 1986. You may say probably think that I'm just trying to advertise my birthday and probably get some gifts hahaha. The advertising part not true, but the gift part maybe and is welcomed :D. But looking at the 8 it actually is looks good. I like the shape and its curves and as most people relate it to infinity, o yes when you tilt the eight sideways then you get the infinity sign. O yes, I named my business with and eight "the Sign8 Innovations Corp" oops! another plug in :). Actually when I was thinking of the business name I was trying to kinda relate it to "Design it" hence "the Sign8" but this could be also an influence of coming from a country that is considered a texting capital, but then again I really like the number 8.

This day actually aside from having an 8-08-08, so many remarkable things are happening. Today the world olympics at Beijing, China had its amazing Opening ceremony (that's what the news so far said) and an hour from now as I am writing this the grandiose ceremony would be aired on TV at 8'oclock and as the news says that at exactly 8:08PM in Beijing the spectacular moment commenced. This historic moment was attended by 86 world leaders! a world record for an Olympic opening.

Also for many couples they chose this day to be their wedding day hence the rise of percentage of people getting their marriage licenses for this day. According to reports even Las Vegas has increased its marriage count from the usual 250 to a thousand today and 16,000 yes you are reading right 16,000 wedding applications in Beijing alone! A couple of friends' friends have also married today and as reported banquet halls are also fully booked due to numerous people tying their knots.

For me its not a bad day either, I had a couple of client calls today and more business opportunities were opened. You are probably thinking that I am like a big time money maker since I talk about business and stuff. But not really, I am jobless (unemployed) that's why im trying to make a living on the side to pay all this enormous bills and credits and many other things :D.

Well a date may be perfect like today 08-08-08 but a special and wonderful day all depends on what you do with it and of course what God has placed into it.

So cheers for the day and cheers for the number 8 :D.

I did not bore you did I?

*** Additional Post Viewing the Opening Ceremony***

There is not enough words to even describe the whole opening ceremony event of the Beijing Olympics. It was so phenomenal and indeed a true display of artistry and not just with beauty but also with spectacle, precision, and elegance. Indeed China has still alot to show to the world.


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Aracir said...

allan caidic! number 8! number 8! hehehe

wala ko kita sa opening lagot kau! daot ang channel 9! daot!