Thursday, July 24, 2008

Philippine Nursing Board Exam Result June 2008

I was trying to check out the Philippine Nursing Board Exam June 2008 and of course I first tried to access it at the PRC website which would supposedly the most reliable site where I could look up the results. I typed on the address bar and surprise! google blocked the site for having some malicious software being posted in the site!
Here's what I got from my browser

Though I can't blame the IT staff of PRC as this would probably be due to the massive traffic that the site is getting especially on the board exam results. Maybe some opportunistic hackers were banking on the site's traffic and of course who would expect some malicious software from a government website.

Enough of those web stuff... hmmmmm..

Gone are those agonizing days again of those who are waiting for the result of the nursing board.
I just can imagine the different emotions and thoughts that run to mind as you open the result. And yes I know the feeling, though I haven't took any board or licensure exam but tomorrow on our much awaited care plan exam this would totally be the feeling. Not to mention am taking this exam for the 3rd time!! So its like this would be one the deciding factor if I could move on with nursing or just find another path. But please! hopefully I would pass :).

Oh I know you are getting board of too much blabbering so here is the nursing board exam result available for download in PDF form. Which I know the main reason why you landed on this page.
Congratulations on those who made it and to those who didn't.. its not the end of the world yet. Though there are no comforting words to uplift you or whatever but its life. Woot! You tell me this too if I don't make it through my care plan exam tomorrow. Huhuhuhuhu.


OW yes here is the download link before I miss that

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